Give the gift of MyBlueprint to your friends & family.
Give the gift of MyBlueprint to your friends & family. 

What is MyBlueprint?

AOR’s groundbreaking MyBlueprint ​is a DNA-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Report that uses cutting-edge technology to identify your unique genetic variations. The information in the test provides:
84 SNPs, 65 genes, 41 ​clinical endpoints, 8 key health categories.
​MyBlueprint includes genetic variations related to:
​How fats and carbs affect your risk of obesity and diseases such as diabetes.
​Learn your predispositions to food sensitivities and your ability to metabolize alcohol and caffeine.
​Specific Nutrient Needs
​Customize a diet and supplement plan based on your individual needs and ability to absorb, transport and utilize certain nutrients.
​Physical Fitness
​Identifies your best exercise regimen and your predisposition to injury.
​Mental Wellness
​Focuses on the genes affecting cognition, stress, emotions and substance addiction.
​How quickly your body removes toxins and what you can do to adjust.
​Obesity Risk
​Minimize your risk through our analysis and a personalized prevention strategy.
​Hormonal Health
​Focuses on your genetic predispositions towards factors that affect hormone balance, including thyroid, estrogen and testosterone.

​How Can Genetic Lifestyle Testing Help You with Your Health?

Personalized nutrition is the future of health and wellness. Your genes can impact the way your body responds to nutrients.

​Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction between nutrition and genes, and it’s transforming how we understand many of the processes in our bodies, from metabolism to food sensitivities to hormone health.

​With our DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle report, you can find out what you need to take your health to the next level. For over 27 years, AOR has been bridging the gap between scientific research and your health with innovative products, and MyBlueprint​​™ is no exception. Our team of clinicians and genetic experts have carried out extensive literature reviews, amassing the best and most up-to-date research in the field of genomics. We’ll help you develop a diet, lifestyle, and supplementation regimen that’s right for your DNA blueprint based on your results in the above areas.

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Customized and Actionable – with Supplement Recommendations
Your report will be unique to you. Although other genetic testing companies provide lifestyle testing, the​ AOR ​MyBlueprint​™ Advantage ​is that we don’t stop there – your report includes a personalized action plan and recommendations for research-backed supplements to help you take the next steps in reaching your optimal health.
​Straightforward, Engaging Report Format
We understand that this information is complex and that scientific jargon can be hard to comprehend; so unlike others, we present our results in a format that is straightforward, engaging and completely clear, so you can understand and get the most from your results.
​Dashboard Login    Username: ​aordemo@gmail.com   Password: ​​MyBlueprint2019
​Dashboard Login  
​Username: ​aordemo@gmail.com  
Password: ​MyBlueprint2019

​What's in the MyBlueprint Box?

​Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Order your MyBlueprint Kit from our website.
Purchase your MyBlueprint™ kit and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.
​Ship your swab with your DNA sample.
Follow the instructions included in the kit to send​ your DNA sample.
​Await to access your results!
Once your package is received, your account will be set up and you will be notified by email.

​Have questions about MyBlueprint?

​We will answer any questions before you purchase a MyBlueprint DNA Kit.

​Who is Advanced Orthomolecular Research?

​How is MyBlueprint unique?

​How does it work?

​What personal information will AOR’s MyBlueprint​ collect in addition to your biological sample and how will it process and protect the data?

​What does AOR’s MyBlueprint​ propose to do with my information?

​How accurate are the tests? What kind of lab performs the testing and is it certified by an accredited body?

​Will my information be processed outside Canada?

​How long will my personal information, biological sample and test results be retained and why? Once the service is completed and the related retention period is expired, will my sample be destroyed and my related personal information be deleted? How?

​What about cybersecurity? How is my information being protected?

The MyBlueprint Privacy Pledge - ​An Industry First

​We will never share ​or sell your data.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. AOR pledges to never sell or disclose your personal information or DNA sample results to any unauthorized third party. By taking this test, you authorize our laboratory partners to access your personal information and sample results only for the purposes of doing the MyBlueprint test. Your personal information and DNA sample results are protected with the highest standard of security and encryption.

​• User information and test result databases are stored separately.
• Encrypted log-in, set by customers directly.
• Samples are destroyed after 6 months.

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​AOR's Vision, Research and Commitment to Quality.

AOR offers its customers a unique and truly orthomolecular approach to personalized nutrition, meaning that you can choose a formulation that best suits your individual needs. As health and wellness visionaries for almost thirty years, we seek to catalyze change and challenge conventions through continuous innovation. We also understand that each person’s body chemistry is unique and that the same dose or ingredients may not work for everyone. This is why AOR offers such an array of formulas for similar health concerns. The combination of cutting-edge genetic testing and AOR’s approach to evidence-based health and wellness ensures that your individual report contains not only scientific health and wellness advice, but recommendations for products that are the most advanced in the industry.
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Give the gift of MyBlueprint to your friends & family.